Don't Let Pests Put a Damper on Your Business

Don't Let Pests Put a Damper on Your Business

Find commercial pest control services in Buffalo, NY

At Bugs No More, we'll never give you the one-size-fits-all treatment. Every type of building and every kind of business attracts different types of pests, so we tailor our commercial pest control services to suit your business's specific needs.

We're proud that Fortune 500 companies rely on us to manage their local pest control needs. If they trust us with their image, you can too. Call now to get a free estimate.

Are rodents running your business ragged?

Rodents like rats and mice can take up residence in any business establishment, but the food service industry is especially susceptible. We have years of experience successfully providing rodent control to restaurants and other businesses in the Buffalo, NY area.

Rodents create serious health and safety hazards by:

  • Chewing through wires
  • Spreading disease
  • Depositing waste
  • Shedding allergens

If you’ve seen even a trace of rodent presence, you need to call a rodent control service. Schedule an inspection from the exterminators at Bugs No More today.